Sexing Scan

Sexing scan £60

Your sexing scan can take place between 15-23 weeks of pregnancy and is a 2D abdominal ultrasound scan.

Between 15-16 weeks may not be suitable for all ladies, please call to discuss.

During the course of your sexing scan we will show you your baby in available 3D/4D views for free and it also includes 2 6×4” glossy prints for you to take away and cherish forever.

Your sexing scan will therefore:

  • Check the gender of your baby

Please note: No ultrasound scan can guarantee a 100% accurate sexing of your baby


As this is an abdominal scan it may be helpful to wear clothing that allows the sonographer easy access to your tummy region.

Important information:

Sometimes it may not be possible to obtain the gender due to babys position if this happens we may ask you to go for a short walk and have something to eat and drink and return to be rescanned. We may also ask you to return at a later date for a rescan.

What happens is a problem is detected?

Whilst we do not wish to worry you about your pregnancy, sometimes there may be a problem detected that is completely unexpected. It is important for you to understand that if the sonographer believes there is a problem he/she has a ‘duty of care’ to discuss these findings with you in a sensitive way and provide you with as much information as he/she reasonably can.

If necessary and with your permission they may contact your local hospitals maternity unit or your GP so that a medical follow-up can be made. He/she may also write a letter explaining his/her concerns.

Occasionally the sonographer may require a second opinion. This does not necessarily mean that there is something wrong; many scan findings just need a ‘second look’ for reassurance. The sonographer will inform you of any such uncertain findings and discuss what your options are.